chas mcfeely       creative director / writer / strategic marketer 

I’m one of the few writers who started on the business side of advertising. Global launches. Team management. General accounting. All sorts of impressive things. And then one day in a big agency meeting, I blurted out a "creative" idea. 


Until a well-respected Art Director replied, “Huh. That actually doesn’t suck.” 

So I took night classes at NYC's School of Visual Arts, quit my job, and started over as a copywriter. 

In the seventeen years since, I’ve created highly praised work for brands like, Google, Volvo, Microsoft, Barnes & Noble, Dunkin' Donuts, New Balance, and so on. I’ve also built products from scratch and have helped take startups from concept to market.

Other highlights include a film option from DreamWorks, two appearances on The BBC, and a near-death imprisonment in Zimbabwe.