You seem to nail strategy and creative, but can you make me a cheap viral video? 

Definitely. Jump off a building and i'll film it on my iPhone. 

What's your favorite medium? 

People always say they're media agnostic. It's a disgusting, overused answer. That's why I'm a devout marketing channel atheist. 

Do you have B2B experience? 

Tons. But since you're short on time and I'm long on relevant case studies, please call to discuss. 

Did you do all this work via McFeely & Son? 

Some was done at ad agencies. Though for everything here, I can claim credit for the concept, writing and execution. Peace. 

What about brand positioning, naming and identity work? 

Yupp ©

What kind of haircare do you use? 

Most folks assume water-based pomade. Truth is, I employ a very lightweight, cream-based leave-in conditioner.